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12.Paragraphs should be left aligned, not justified. I know that justified text looks nice and tidy, but it has two big disadvantages. Firstly, the spaces between the words stretch to allow the text to reach the end of the line; this produces nasty big white ‘rivers’ running down the paragraph. Secondly, a blocked paragraph doesn’t give the eye a ‘bookmark’ to keep track of how far down the paragraph you are. It just means that people reread the same line twice, or skip a line – after the second go at reading most people give up!

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Most people join Facebook to keep in touch with long lost friends, relatives and coworkers…but once there discover they can easily communicate with their carpenter, plumber, favorite gelati store, carpet cleaner, scout troop or marketing consultant.

If you simply aren’t the best painter or time-starved to the task right, hire a professional in to the future in and paint. You are able to focus on other jobs to obtain done ahead of the marketing of your home begins and will also eliminate additional stress.